How To

Welcome to Placemarkt! Below is a guide to using the site. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me via email or Twitter.

Adding Locations

There are a couple of ways to add new locations. The first and easiest is to to click the "set address to current location" button in the middle of the form. This queries your browser for your current lat/lng coordinates, translates them into an address, and drops a pin representing your location on the map.

The second way to create a location is to begin typing the address in the location field at the top of the form. As you type, Placemarkt will try to suggest the complete address. When you've found the address to match, click it to set your location.

Dragging the map updates the position of your pin, allowing you to tweak the placement of the pin after dropping it.

If you're bookmarking on a mobile device, for best results you'll want to enable wifi, even if you're using cellular data. This improves the accuracy of the "set address to current location" feature by allowing your phone's geolocation tools to take advantage of nearby wifi networks when calculating your position.


The explore page, which you can use even if you aren't logged in, offers a place to search and save points of interest (POIs).

For instance, locations represented by a "w" are POIs that link to a Wikipedia page. We'll be adding more POIs, including user generated ones, over time.


Locations can be sorted with filters, which include "recent", "nearest", "untagged" and "not visited". It's possible to combine filters too, so if you wanted to find the closest locations you haven't visited, you would toggle both the "nearest" and "not visited" buttons.

Tags offer another easy way to categorize your locations. They can be added when creating or editing a location and appear as clickable buttons underneath location names and descriptions. Placemarkt also has a tags overview page with a list of all your tags.

Using Collections

Collections are an easy way to create lists of your locations that can then be shared publically. They're a nice tool for keeping lists of places to visit, or generating travel diaries that record favorite memories from a particular trip.

Each collection has a map showing explorable locations for that collection, as well as filters to sort and organize.


Placemarkt takes privacy very seriously. While it's possible to share locations and collections with non-Placemarkt users, we also make it very easy to make your entire account private on the settings page under the privacy header.

If you elect to make your account private, no one will be able to see any of your information. This setting also opts you out of all future social functionality I might later add to the site. You'll be able to enjoy your anonymous placemarkting in perpetuity.


The site is mobile friendly and works well on any smartphone browser. There will be an IOS app at some point in the near future, hopefully in the next couple of months.