Privacy Policy

Placemarkt wants to preserve your privacy by requiring you to provide as little information about yourself as possible. We don't serve ads and we don't sell your data.

What do we collect?

Personal information

For account creation, Placemarkt requires your email. We ask you for an email to confirm your account and provide you with a way to reset your password if you forget it.

When adding a new location, we store that location's lat/lng coordinates. For the sake of convenience, we allow users to optionally set the lat/lng coordinates for a location to the lat/lng coordinates representing the current position of the user. This information, however, is only saved as the location's coordinates. We do not capture or record whether a location's coordinates were generated based on the current location of a user or based on an address or position of a marker on a map. Additionally, at no time is your current location stored on our servers.


In order to manage authentication, Placemarkt uses a single session cookie to determine if you are logged in.

Payment information

We require a credit card for payment. We do not store your credit card and never see your credit card number. Payments are handled by a third-party processor, Stripe.

• Stripe Privacy Policy (link)

Mapping and Geolocation services

We use the Thunderforest to display maps to users.

We use OpenCage to convert lat/lng coordinates to addresses and vice-versa.

• Thunderforest Privacy Policy (link)

• OpenCage Privacy Policy (link)


We use Google Analytics on certain public pages to better understand who is visiting the site. At no point are Google Anayltics scripts served to logged-in users.

• Google Analytics Privacy Policy (link)

Your data


At any point, a Placemarkt user can request that their data be deleted. Deletion will be performed within 14 days. Accounts that have not renewed their subscription will also be deleted within 14 days. To delete your data, please email us at

For paying customers, Placemarkt will maintain records of all completed transactions for tax and accounting purposes.

Data request

Users may also request a copy of their data at any time. To do so, please email us at

Our technologies

Our services are hosted by AWS and are physically located in the United States.

Reporting Issues

We take data security very seriously. If you find a bug please report it to immediately. Thank you!


If you have any questions concerning your privacy, you can contact us at

Stay informed

We will communicate changes to our Privacy Policy by email using the email address you provided to us or by publication on our blog or Twitter account.